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Since opening in 2005, Oodle Noodle has been all flavour, and just the right amount of weird. From the headbanging days of Sonny’s flagship store on Whyte Ave, to our earworm radio ads that get stuck in your head for months, we know how to make an impression.

The same goes for our approach to flavour. Our award-winning menu boasts flavours from 8 different countries. To keep it extra local, though, we produce all of our own noodles and sauces right here in Edmonton at Sonny’s factory.

Eat Oodle Noodle, support local, and be a leader of the taste!

We’re not just crazy about noodles

We put that same energy back into the community! We’re
committed to using our noodle arms to lift the community up in any way we can.
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Sonny's Story

Sonny Pham, the founder of Oodle Noodle, arrived in Canada back in 1989 after years of living and travelling through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

In 2005, Sonny opened the first Oodle Noodle on Whyte Ave, where he could often be found dancing to heavy metal with his staff and customers. Since then, Oodle Noodle has expanded across Edmonton and surrounding areas, and now branching out further into Alberta.

And overseeing it all from North Edmonton in his noodle factory? The one, the only, Sonny.
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Keep it tight Kings and Queens of Alberta 🥡🥢
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So many noodles, so many memes. 🥢🥡
201, 10158 90 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 1R7
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